6 Success Tips for Working from a Virtual Office

So you are starting your company, and thinking of signing up for a virtual office. Well, getting your virtual office address is only the tip of the iceberg, and the real deal starts after that. In this post, we’ve listed how to work and get the maximum use of operating your business using a virtual office. So if you’re a first time virtual office CEO, check these points out to run your business successfully.

Virtual Office Tip #1: Use an email address with the company’s domain, not Gmail.

Always use the company’s domain for the email addresses. Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, and any other domain except your company’s domain address will create the image of being unprofessional or amateur. Perceptions do create reality, and it starts from the first impression, which is often your email address. 

Virtual Office Tip #2: Meet at the actual office, not at café.

When you do set a meeting, rent a day office to hold the meeting. Bring your pictures and flowers to set the day office as if it is your permanent office, and have the furniture setup in ways so that your guest is comfortable. Conducting meetings at a café may seem unprofessional to some people. When you’re looking for a virtual offices solution, look for one that offers flexible arrangements with day offices and meeting rooms.

Virtual Office Tip #3: Set up office hours.

You may just have a virtual office so you can work on your business part time or from home, but that isn’t going to sell your potential clients or customers. Display office hours on your website, and stick to them. This will help you establish credibility and more structure to your day-to-day operation.

Virtual Office Tip #4: Invest in building a good website.

A good online presence is definitely a must have for any business, in any industry. Whether you are B2B or serving general consumers, in 2015 everyone is searching, looking, and buying things or finding resources online. So, no worries if your business is ran using a virtual office, because if you have a great professional looking website, you can reach out to people anywhere in the world while creating a professional image of your company online. This will set you up for success by generating business leads online.

Virtual Office Tip #5: Use a landline number, not your cell phone.

If it is possible, try using a landline phone number on your website and business cards, not a cell phone number. This will make you look much more professional. When choosing a virtual office service, you can also find one with a call-forwarding feature, so they take care of your landline and you don’t miss any important calls.

Virtual Office Tip #6: Be physically present at the office.

Lastly, even though you may prefer to work from home or remotely, it is a good idea to show up at the business location and work from the lounge area or co-working center. Set a schedule, even if it’s just once a week. This will give you the opportunity to network with other people and businesses that may operate via virtual offices. Not only that, you may also get to learn something new from the bulletin board, or announcements available only on-site. So do show your face from time to time and keep yourself in the loop of things.