3 Tips To Choosing A NYC Virtual Office

Tips To Choosing A NYC Virtual Office


So you are considering a NYC Virtual Office? If you are first timer setting up a virtual office, you may be overwhelmed by the options out there, and you may be wondering what you should focus when deciding on your virtual office. Read below for some recommendations on things to consider for your virtual office by Rockefeller Group Business Center’s staff, David Jakubowski.

1.  Be Choosy With Your NYC Virtual Office Address

Pick an address that properly represents your business. Your virtual office business address can do more than just a mailing address. It is a tool for branding your business and shaping people’s perceptions about your business. Do pick an address that is in alignment with what your business is about.

 2. Use services fully

Utilize the services that the NYC virtual office provider offers.  Services such as an office for the day, mail forwarding, and administrative assistance. The day office is a great way to represent your office when you have a client meeting for a day, as it will protect your business’s image, while running your remote business efficiently.

 3. Check Technical infrastructure and Capabilities

Pick a virtual office provider that has a strong technological infrastructure.   This will ensure that you are up to date with any technological devices. Your virtual office provider should be able to provide all phone services that you would expect in a physical office, and put them right into your home office, so you can productively run your business.



About David

A native of Long Island, David holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Marist College. Following eleven years in hotel management and administration, David turned his passion for superb customer service to supporting his clients at Workspace by Rockefeller Group. Since joining the team in 2000, David’s energy and vision have been important to its growth.  A longtime member and 2011–2012 president of the Workspace Association of New York, David also served on the board of directors of the Global Workspace Association.