Real Estate Broker Commission

3 Steps Towards Earning a Commission

  • client Need: your client has a short-term or small office need
  • referral: you refer your client to Workspace by Rockefeller Group by calling us or filling out the client referral form on this site
  • commission: a commission check is sent to you upon completion of the transaction

Real estate brokers in NYC tend to look for traditional office space when searching for their clients.  Because this may not always be the best solution, you should consider serviced office space, or coworking,  can be a better fit for your requirement.

Real Estate Brokers in NYC use us for:

Swing Space
  • because your client might need an office before their new space becomes available, they can use our space for a short term.
  • due to their space is under construction, they need temporary office space.
Temporary Expansion
  • satellite office for corporate clients
  • short-term projects
  • temporary staff, out-of-town guests
  • seasonal/cyclical business fluctuations
Small Space Solutions
  • incubation space for smaller clients
  • professionals requiring prestigious location at affordable rates
Short-Term Space
  • monthly, weekly, or daily offices
  • conference and meeting rooms

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When do I get my Real Estate Broker Commission Checks?
Workspace by Rockefeller Group is committed to paying you for every deal, regardless of how big or small it is, 15 days after we have a signed agreement and payment has been received from your client.

Who should I contact at Workspace by Rockefeller Group to help me find the right office for my client?
Call David E. Jakubowski at 212.918.4832

What is the minimum term my client needs to commit to?
We understand that it is not uncommon for your client to need flexibility in their terms and Workspace by Rockefeller Group is committed to designing a plan that meets these needs.

How much notice do you need before I bring a client to see your space?
No notice at all, we have staff on site at each location. From 8:30-5:30, our staff is trained to show you options that meet your requirements. We are all prepared to not only discuss office choices but also any technological requirements.

Take the client off the market  if you don’t have the right solution for your client why take the chance of losing them?
It is not uncommon for brokers to use our business center for swing space while they search for the perfect traditional office space. With our flexible terms, you can take advantage of short-term options to minimize the chance of being committed to two offices at the same time.

How can you help my client if they are in the law profession?

Many law firms need our space for document reviews and off-site litigation and we can provide them with a turnkey solution. We are equipped to handle large numbers of employees with last-minute requirements in either conference rooms, offices, or boiler rooms.

Workspace by Rockefeller Group can help Residential Broker/Agents.
You may come across international clients that need our space or startups that are not aware of what we offer. Refer them to us and earn a commission when the agreement is finalized and we receive payment from your client.


Last, real estate broker commission has never been so easy.