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Regardless of how you choose to work, impeccable support is a must.

Remote Worker Support

If you or your team have become remote workers, you are probably still trying to settle into your new routine.  There are many ways that you can maintain a presence in NYC with all of the services and support you are accustomed to, even if you are no longer based in your own private office space.

Our infrastructure can bring all of the services you need into your home office, without a hitch.  Learn how easy it is to get the support you need to keep your business running smoothly.

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Serviced Office Space in Rockefeller Center

How Our Small Business Support Works for You

If you are learning to adapt to a remote work lifestyle, the services we offer have never been so crucial .  Even if you have settled into your new work routine, there are still fundamental workspace services that are essential to your success.  Most important is for you to maintain a presence in New York City. Our 45 Rockefeller Plaza location in the heart of Rockefeller Center will give you the footprint in NYC that you want, without the cost.  We go beyond just an address; our support services are sure to make your day go smoother.  You will never need to give out your home address, cell phone number or personal information again.  With our virtual office options, we can manage your mail, answer your phone calls and provide you with offices and meeting rooms, when you need them.

Mail Management Services

Once you register your business at our address, we will accept and hold your mail for you.  You are welcome to pick it up or have us send it to you.  We can send it by messenger, USPS or FedEx.  Forwarding can be done on your schedule, daily, weekly, monthly or occasionally.  We can even scan the envelopes or open your mail with prior written consent.

If you have mail that you would like us to send out for you, just forward it to us.  We can send it to your contact, however you would like us to.

Mail notification services
Remote Worker

Telephone Support

Never give out your home phone number or answer a spam call again.  There is no need to give up the presige of a 212 area coded phone number.  We will assign a private number to you, then you can manage the service however you like.

Our services go beyond just the phone number.  We can forward the calls anywhere you need.  If you prefer, we can simply route the calls to a voicemail box; then send it to your email.

Call answering is one of our most popular services. We can simply answer your call, then forward to you or we can screen the call first, giving you time to prepare for your caller.

We can even send a phone to your home so you can make and receive call as if you are in NYC.

Workspace On-Demand

As you and your team settle into your new remote work environments, you might still have a need for an occasional private office space in NYC.  Our 45 Rockefeller Plaza location, conveniently situated in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, offers you the best solution for an on-demand workspace.  Whether you are alone or need collaboration space for a few, you can rest assured that our workspace will give you the privacy and professionalism that you are looking for.

In addition to private office space, we also offer meeting rooms for larger groups.

NYC Meeting Room
Virtual Administrative support

Administrative Support

Remote working from home can be a bit daunting.  All of a sudden, you find yourself doing tasks that are taking you away from your main duties.  Learn how our administrative team can help support your business with tasks such as mail forwarding, copying, scanning and even send out mail on your behalf.

Virtual Office Space

For a complete package of services that support your business in ways that are specific to you, consider one of our virtual office plans.  With rates starting at $90 you can be assured that we can design a plan with options that meets your requirements.

virtual office assistant

Remote Support Service Interest

Thank you for your interest in our remote support services. Please tell us a little about yourself and we will reach out to you shortly.