Bring Life to Your “Work-Life” Balance

The days of sacrificing our personal lives for the sake of work are finally over. As more and more companies prioritize work life balance, finding the right balance between our professional and personal lives has never been more important. That’s where Workspace by Rockefeller Group comes in. Designed specifically to cater to the demands of modern professionals, it offers a comprehensive range of benefits, perks, and services to help strike that perfect balance. From state-of-the-art technology and communal workspaces to high-end dining experiences and wellness programs, Workspace by Rockefeller Group provides everything you need to bring it all together seamlessly. With this workspace, you'll find that achieving work life balance has never been easier.

Workspace Amenities, Conveniences, and Services

Rooftop Garden

Social Events

Penthouse Clubroom


Health & Wellness

We know that your health matters. That’s why our Rockefeller Center campus provides a curated collection of wellness-focused amenities—so you can work on yourself in the same space you work.

Perks and Discounts


At Workspaces by Rockefeller, we know that family comes first. Our recommended vendor for family care, Bright Horizons, is just a short walk away, offering services to help you take care of what matters most. Get a $100 discount on your office space when you sign up at Bright Horizons.  Ask about our program

Back-up Care
Early Eduction

Community Love

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Let's Start Your Journey

Work-life balance isn’t a pipe dream—it starts here. Discover the first step to the future of work:


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