Remote Office Space in NYC



3 Reasons Why You Should Open a Remote Office Space in NYC


Known as a global hub of international business and commerce, New York City is one of the three “command centers” of the world economy, along with London and Tokyo. The city hosts thousands of businesses from industries such as finance, international trading, retailing, transportation, tourism, real estate, media, advertising, legal services, insurance, fashion, art, and high tech. The city is also home to many of the Fortune 500 companies as 45 of them are headquartered in NYC.

Are you considering whether you should open a remote office space in NYC? Below are top three reasons why opening a remote office in NYC will be beneficial to your business along with some helpful resources and tips to guide your success.


  1. Establish Stronger Brand Image:

    Adding your executive office in NYC will further strengthen your business’s overall image. When you open a remote office in NYC, the NYC address goes on your homepage, business cards, and other marketing literature will add further credibility from your existing and potential or new clients, as it reinforces the business’s reputation. Not only does it show that business is going well; it also represents the legitimacy of the business. Offices for lease in NYC come with various packages and length, so look around to find your best fit. Read about Workspace by Rockefeller Group’s office solutions.


  1. Entrepreneurial Environment:

    Doing business in multiple states is extremely rewarding and exciting. However, this could be challenging at times, especially when starting out, because you may not be completely familiar with all business regulations in the other state. Yet, NYC offers various resources for business owners to conduct with multi state structure because of the entrepreneurial nature of the city.  For example, SCORE offers various networking events, seminars, and mentorships. The city also offers a wide variety of industry specific casual meetings and events that are designed to connect professionals.


  1. Add More Revenue:

    More importantly, having an executive office in NYC will add more revenue via all of above points. Besides boosting your corporate image and taking advantage of the city’s opportunities and resources to network in order to increase revenue, it is also important to minimize the overhead when you are just starting out in NYC. One way to minimize the cost may be to lease a remote field office. You may also be able to take advantage of furnished office space available in NYC to lower the startup cost. Find NYC Office space for lease here.


Some Helpful Resources for New York Businesses and Multi State Businesses: