4 Advantages of Turnkey Office Space in Manhattan

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Learn How Easy Turnkey Office Space in NYC Is


There are many different options for office space in Manhattan. Turnkey office space, also known as furnished office space, is a popular solution for small and medium-sized businesses The convenience and price of turnkey office space are what makes it such an attractive option for many businesses.



No Cost to Furnish or Staff

Turnkey office space eliminates many of the secondary costs that come with most unfurnished offices. Maintenance, utilities, cleaning, IT services, and receptionist services are generally included in the price of a furnished space. With all of these services included, the price quoted for a furnished space can give you a much better picture of the actual monthly cost of a space than the lease price of a traditional office space.


Move-in Ready

Furnished offices can be the fastest, most cost-effective way to relocate or to expand your business into a new market. The downtime that comes with moving offices and setting up your new space is completely minimized with turnkey office space. In many cases, offices can be fully operational within 24 hours.


Flexibility with Lease Terms

Because furnished offices cater to the needs of many different varieties of businesses, they are often the most flexible option when it comes to leases. With traditional office space leases of three to five years or more, furnished offices can usually accommodate small business owners looking for a shorter term lease. Many turnkey office space providers have options for one-year lease terms.


Spaces that Grow with Your Business

The ability to expand to a larger space as needed is another advantage of furnished office space in Manhattan. Many businesses choose furnished office space because of the ability to expand as their business grows. With the traditional office space route, many businesses end up paying more overhead for a larger space that allows for growth but is not necessary at the current stage of the business. This unnecessary spending to plan for future growth can be a huge drain on the budget of a small business.