4 Great Places for a Business Lunch in Midtown New York



Instead of booking a meeting room, are you considering a business lunch midtown for a meeting with your client, partners, or with your team? Creating a shared experience in non-office settings can increase the bond and build more trust.

Below are some of the great places we found for a business lunch midtown near Midtown New York offices. Enjoy the lunch and good luck with your meetings!

  1. Rock Center Cafe

★★★★☆ $$$ (by OpenTable)

Rated as the best scenic view by OpenTable’s Diner’s Choice, this is a great venue for taking your clients from other states out to a business lunch midtown. With indoor and outdoor seating areas, the cafe has amazing views outside during the summer by the fountain, or sitting inside looking at the skating rink during the winter. The cafe is also known for winning the Wine Spector Restaurant Award. Reserve a table or read reviews here.

  1. Pulse Restaurant and Bar

★★★☆☆ $$ (by OpenTable)

Located in Rockefeller Center on the 3rd floor, this restaurant can be used for a quick business lunch midtown, a nice corporate event or even catering. Enjoy the delicious Mediterranean cuisine in a classic sophisticated space that is perfect for corporate related occasions. Reserve a table or read reviews here. 

  1. Bills Burger

★★★★☆ $$ (by OpenTable)

Great place for a casual business lunch midtown where you are sure to enjoy the burgers. This is a place to take out your international client, or anyone who wants to enjoy the good old American cuisine. The restaurant is usually packed, so reservations are highly recommended. There are multiple locations in the city, at Rockefeller Center, Meatpacking District, Financial District, and Atlantic City. Reserve a table or read reviews here.

  1. Terrace Club

If you are part of ClubCorp, Terrace Club is a great location for a nice business lunch in Midtown New York, out on a beautiful terrace. Located adjacent to Rockefeller Center, the club offers various spaces including meeting rooms, indoor and outdoor dining, complimentary breakfast and free Wi-Fi. There are also occasional networking events on the terrace. Check out the gallery here.