5 Keys to Productivity Improvement

Have you realized the need for productivity improvement in your workplace? However, it seems like we never have enough time to get it all done. Below are 5 helpful tips to improve your productivity, and start you on a path to higher productivity.

Productivity Improvement Tip 1: Start Early

Have you ever gotten to work before everyone else? Were you amazed by the productivity improvement that came from simply being alone? Many people find that they can accomplish more when they are left alone to work. It is no secret that coworkers can be very distracting when you are trying to buckle down and finish your work. When you need to get a lot of work done, it is a good idea to get to the office a few minutes early. Get yourself into the productive frame of mind that the early-morning solitude can give you.

Productivity Improvement Tip 2: Stick to a To-Do List

Because To-do lists are like a shortcut for serious productivity improvement, there is nothing better to keep you on task. Seeing a written, itemized list of the things that need to be accomplished that day can keep you on track. As you finish tasks throughout the day, you can cross them off of your list and see the progress that you are making. Anything that doesn’t get done that day will be the priority for the next day’s list. Get in the habit of using the last few minutes of your day to create tomorrow’s to-do list to give yourself a head start and a clear goal every morning.

Productivity Improvement Tip 3: Segment Your Day

There are a multitude of distractions that you may encounter throughout the workday.  However, the key to maintaining productivity is compartmentalizing the time-consuming and distracting parts of your day. Determine a segment of the day to assign any phone calls and emails that you can take care of. Do your best to prevent other tasks from bleeding into the time that you have assigned for certain projects.

Productivity Improvement Tip 4: Stay off Social

Social media is one of the most frequent thieves of workplace productivity. We’ve all found ourselves mindlessly browsing social media channels and looking up only to realize that we’ve just wasted 20 minutes. Checking up on your friends, pictures, statuses, events, and everything else from time to time is fine, but try not to check them while at work. Staying off of social media is one of the easiest ways to make a serious productivity improvement throughout the workday.

Productivity Improvement Tip 5: Make Meetings More Fleeting

In office environments around the world, there is a common feeling that meetings drag on or are unnecessary in the first place. Meetings should be beneficial, not just a drain on everyone’s time and energy. Make sure that you do your part to prepare for meetings. This may mean that you need to schedule a dedicated meeting room and gather information to present, prepare handouts for other members of the team, or create an agenda to move the meeting along efficiently.

In conclusion, we hope these tips have been helpful. Implement them today to start on your path to productivity improvements.

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