5 Problems Solved By Choosing A Serviced Workspace

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5 Problems Solved By Choosing A Serviced Workspace


A serviced workspace is more than just office space with furniture. They can cut down on many of the stresses of changing locations and general office costs. Let’s look at some of the common office relocation problems that can be solved with a furnished office:


1. Long-Term Commitment

Furnished offices generally have much shorter commitment available than traditional, bare office spaces. Most commercial spaces require three to five year commitments. With many spaces found in a business center setting, serviced workspace providers are often much more willing to accommodate the needs of small business owners when it comes to the length of a lease. This means that you may often find furnished space with a commitment as short as one month.


2. Furniture And Décor

It may seem obvious that a serviced workspace would solve the problem of… furnishing the office, but many people may not realize just how much money and hassle this can save. Even for small companies, furniture and basic décor can easily cost several thousand dollars. Finally, many small businesses and startups are on budgets that would benefit from the upfront savings of a serviced workspace.


3. Office Equipment

Once an office is equipped with furniture and décor, there is still the matter of printers, routers, phones, teleconferencing equipment, and or any other technology that you may need to run your business. With a serviced workspace, all of these items are in place and ready to use on move-in day.


4. Moving Downtime

An often-overlooked cost of moving offices is the downtime that is spent moving, furnishing, and setting up the new space. Unforeseen delays and any other hurdles that extend the moving process can be devastating to a small business in transition. Furnished offices can provide the easiest and fastest way to settle into your new space and minimize any downtime from your move.


5. IT Setup and Maintenance

Getting your IT equipment and service up and running can be a hassle during a move. In addition, keeping everything running smoothly is another task altogether. The upkeep and maintenance of office equipment and facilities are often an unexpected drain on resources for small businesses. With a furnished office, the setup and maintenance are completely taken care of.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an efficient and convenient way to move or expand your small business, a furnished office might be the best option for you. They can eliminate many of the hassles and unforeseen costs of traditional office space.