5 Reasons to Choose Turnkey Office Space Over Traditional

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Let’s look at a few different areas that a turnkey office space can provide a better office experience than a traditional/conventional office space:


The time required for planning, customizing, and setting up a traditional office space is not conducive to most businesses and certainly not for many small businesses. This type of space is often suited for a large company looking for a new headquarters, or companies that need more than 10,000 square feet.

Turnkey office space can be up and running in under 24 hours. With all of the setup already taken care of, businesses can occupy their new space and begin operating almost immediately, minimizing downtime.



The all-in-one pricing of a turnkey office space provides a much better concept of the actual cost than the lease price of a conventional office. With a conventional office, the additional costs of utilities, staff, office furnishings, and the countless other secondary expenses can quickly make it more expensive than a furnished/serviced space.



Turnkey office space is the most convenient option because virtually everything that you need in an office is already provided. In addition to taking care of furnishings, the day-to-day expenses and tasks are handled for you. Setting up IT infrastructure, servicing printers, and even cleaning expenses are taken care of by a furnished office.



Receptionist, maintenance, IT personnel, and cleaning staff are part of the services provided by a turnkey office space provider. In a conventional office, these are all additional expenses that you would have to factor into your budget, in addition to finding and hiring qualified employees.



The beauty of a furnished office is the ability to expand or downsize with your company’s needs. Serviced office providers work with tenants to provide space appropriate for their business. With traditional space, you have the space that you’ve leased no matter what your company actually needs for the duration of the long-term lease. If your company downsizes for whatever reason, you can’t adjust your office space and costs to help with expenses. For more information on why a flexible office matters, see our article here.