5 Tips For Remote Team Building

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Running a business with a virtual office is great for running business efficiently, yet it is a challenging task to keep the team intact and working towards achieving the same vision and goal for the company. Ever wonder how other businesses manage a remote team? Below are some tips for remote team building and managing the team and business productivity for businesses on the go.

1. Relax

First, being out of sight doesn’t mean it’s a disadvantage to the team’s productivity of your business, so you can relax! More and more companies are hiring people who work remotely. About ⅔ of the companies in the US are employing remote workers. So don’t worry, you’re not the only business here. This is becoming a trend and is becoming a norm in the workplace across the globe.

2. Commit

It all starts with making decisions. Make a commitment to meet the team at least once or twice a year. Arrange a trip to visit or see each other and commit to it. This will drive each other’s motivation to keep working at the job. Do make these trips fun with activities and some team building stuff that you could do together. It will be a good energy booster and refresher for the team from everyday work.

3. Events and Conventions

Go to industry related conventions together. The industry related conventions are often very inspiring and exciting as you get to learn new things, and they will also provide a good opportunity to build relationships with the team. That money you spend on the conventions and trips will be much more worthwhile with the added value of team to meet and interact with each other.

4. Weekly Meeting

Do keep the weekly meeting routine. Nothing is better for remote team building than keeping each other posted on a weekly basis. It is better to see each other, so video Skype is much more recommended than just a phone call. If it involves more than 2 locations, use Oovoo or a Google hangout to conduct the meeting.

5. Quarterly Reviews and Mastermind Group

One of the main considerations for remote team building is to know what each other really think about each other. Mastermind groups for entrepreneurs usually talk about the challenges they are facing and discuss how to resolve that with a group of other likeminded entrepreneurs. You can apply this concept with your team and review each other and their career development progress at the company. This will provide the opportunity for each person to understand where they can improve, so they are inspired to work on the job even if they are working remotely.