5 Tony Robbins Quotes To Make You A Better Leader

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If you are an entreprenuer in training, start here. If you are already in a leadership position you should be continually striving to grow. Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” is a business and life coaching seminar that attracts people from all over the world who are looking to have breakthroughs in their businesses and lives. This 4-day long event was recently held at West Palm Beach in Florida, and it attracted over 9,000 people from 71 countries. Among many valuable lessons and many breakthroughs I personally had at the event, below I’ve listed some Tony Robbins quotes on leadership that really help change your mindset to be an even better leader.

“Leadership is about bringing certainty to the world of uncertainty.”

The world is full of uncertainties, but leaders are called leaders because they bring certainty to the world full of uncertain circumstances and situations. Is there some problems that other people can’t solve, but you KNOW how and KNOW that you can? It’s time for you to LEAD!

“Leaders anticipate, losers react.”  

Leaders anticipate the road ahead, follow through throughout the process, and consistently have the right mindset. Anticipation is the ultimate power, and is one of the quality that outstanding leaders possess.

“Perfect is the lowest standard.”

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business leader, or mover and shaker in the world, let’s face it, we (including myself) always aim for perfect. Perfect is how it should be when you’re involved. But the fact is that a perfect human being doesn’t exist, and thus, it is an unachievable goal and standard. Let go of fear of being imperfect, and remember, we are quite perfect the way we already are.

“Resources are not the problem, it is resourcefulness.”

Everything is already here for you, and it’s up to you to utilize it. Sometimes, deep down inside you, you may already know what you should do, or what actions you need to take in order to move to the next level. Realize that everything is already there for you to accomplish what you want, and it’s up to you and your choices to make it all happen.

“Change is a moment in time”

If you want change, it can happen in a heartbeat. Right at this moment, you’re already changing with the “aha-moment” by reading this. It doesn’t take a long time or lots of resources for anyone or anything to change. Life, after all, is much simpler than we think.