4 Tips To Building An Entrepreneur Network

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4 Tips To Building An Entrepreneur Network


As an entrepreneur, even though your plate is already full building your business, it is still necessary to spare time for networking. Building a network can benefit you in several ways – from getting feedback on your ideas to finding funding, meeting new clients and recruiting the best employees. Below, we compiled 4 ways to grow your entrepreneur network.



1. Be active on social networking

There are multiple social networks that you can use to connect with other fellow entrepreneurs. Among all of them, LinkedIn and Twitter are the most credible and must-have social networking tools.

LinkedIn is the biggest network focused on business. You can start with following the popular groups for entrepreneurs such as the “On Startups” group that has over 54,000 members. Once you get comfortable using the platform, you can engage in the community by answering the questions and joining events. The more valuable a member you are, the more business opportunities you could earn.

Twitter is also valuable when building a network because it is full of real-time information. Just by following those renowned entrepreneur twitter accounts, you can find mentor tips from experts and also discuss all aspects of your business on the platform.


2. Join an entrepreneurial organization

Being a member of an organization for entrepreneurs is another step toward building a network with other like-minded individuals. There are several entrepreneurs’ organizations varied by industry and business experience level. Besides building a network, you can also get mentor tips there and learn from people who have enjoyed the success you desire. In conclusion, choose the best-fit organization to meets your needs and take advantage of the opportunities.


3. Participate in a local meet-up

Local meet-up events are an essential resource for building a network and forming connections. The members belong to a wide range of communities and include entrepreneurs, investors, venture capital managers, potential partners and potential clients. Finally, you should organizing a meet-up group by yourself to reach out to your ideal audience is also a good option to consider.


4. Join a co-working space

It is always good to work with like-minded people. In most cities you can find co-working spaces for your business. Co-working spaces offer you plenty of chances to make small talk and introduce yourself with fellow entrepreneurs there. It is advantageous to meet with those people on a daily basis; enables nurturing the trust relationships among one another and leads to collaborative opportunity easily. Workspace by Rockefeller Group offer affordable co-working space in prestigious locations within New York City for entrepreneurs and small business owners.