Décor Ideas For Your Wall Street Office

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4 things to add to your Wall Street office décor

Looking to boost your productivity and re-energize your working environment? This can be done easily by redecorating, or simply adding some new touches to your office. Check below for some things you can add to spice up your Wall Street office to increase productivity and re-energize the working environment.


Add certificates, trophies, pictures, or anything that represents your past achievements to the walls of your Wall Street office. Not only do they represent your success, but also those things will constantly remind you of the good feeling of accomplishment. It can also serve as a good conversation piece with your visitors.


A study shows having plants in your office can increase your productivity (or response to the computer based task) up to 12% while reducing stress, or blood pressure, level. Not only that, plants can also help create a better environment aesthetically while providing more welcoming atmosphere to your high pressure Wall Street office.

Mini Bar

If you know how to control when and how much you can drink, an upscale mini bar may be a good addition to the atmosphere in your Wall Street office. On a good day you can celebrate a win with a toast, and it can also serve as a good social lubricant with clients.

Motivational Posters and Photographs

Pictures that represent your goal are always a good addition to a high-pressure office environment like Wall Street Offices. You can use a vision board and remind yourself where you’re headed, and to be focused on your goals. Also adding photographs of your family or something that represents your happiness is a great addition. Even when you have bad days, you can constantly remind yourself that what’s important in your life is still there.