Evaluate Yourself With These Tips For Entrepreneurs In Training


You have a great startup idea, or provide the best service in your industry. You are looking for an office to lease in New York City to get your new business off the ground, but do you have the essential skills needed to be an entrepreneur?

Sales Skills

You may not think you are a sales person, but if you are an entrepreneur you will need to be able to network, both online and in person. You need to possess, or build, the ability to sell yourself, your services and your business. If you are unsure in this area try enrolling in a sales workshop. You need to know how to gain business, and capital.

Money Management

Can you manage money well? If you have money in the bank, do you like to spend it? The first tips for entrepreneurs to learn are that businesses will have ups and downs. If you make the most in December, you need to save that for the lean months, whether that is January or October.

Time Management

One of the tips for entrepreneurs that I always bring up is productivity. Figure out your peak energy times and the productivity tools that work for you in order for you to best produce success.


At some point your business will grow, you will have to let go and put your trust in others. Whether that means hiring an accountant, web designer, sales person or an assistant, you will need to release some control to be an effective leader. Having great people on your team will broaden the strengths of your business.


Get in front of your dream clients. If that’s investment bankers, place yourself on Wall Street. This may sound expensive compared to starting in your home, but there are affordable co-working options. The key is face time. Once in your office, don’t stay to yourself, go to lunch nearby, talk to potential clients, and make yourself known as the go-to person in your field.