Find Your NYC Co-working Space

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Co-working is one of many workplace trends that have emerged in recent years due to the increased connectivity and adaptability of the office workforce. These large, open spaces where people can work on their own projects, collaborate, and bounce ideas off of each other have caught on for many reasons. The demand for NYC co-working space has increased at an even faster rate, as young professionals and small business owners seek out alternatives to home offices and pricy traditional offices.

Open-Concept Origins

The popularity of NYC coworking space has roots in the technology companies of the west coast. The open office plan first became popular with companies like Google and other large tech companies. This was to increase the ease of collaboration and break down walls, both literally and figuratively. Coworking spaces emerged as a cost-effective alternative to traditional offices that would allow people to be surrounded by like-minded workers in a unique, multi-industry workspace. Many coworking proponents point to the networking opportunities these collaborative workspaces provide as a great reason to seek out a coworking space.

Coworking is popular with entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, remote workers and many others. The main draw of coworking for startups is the chance to collaborate and be surrounded by other people during the workday, which is not usually possible with a typical home office setup. Many people who have moved from a traditional office environment to a home office have trouble staying focused and being productive without the structure of a separate office environment. Others who work from home may experience issues with maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

Finding NYC Co-working Space

The availability of NYC co-working space has increased dramatically due to the high number of startups and solo workers. The high cost of office space in the city has also contributed greatly to the growth of the NYC coworking space market. People have increasingly sought out low-cost alternatives to traditional office space, with many moving their space to coworking environments.

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