Finding Affordable Office Space in NYC

Finding Affordable Office Space in NYC


New York City is one of the world’s centers for thought leaders and entrepreneurs. Like-minded individuals get together in the city that never sleeps to bring their ideas to life. The city has one of the most vibrant startup cultures, and its business landscape is always changing. Sprawling coworking spaces become the first homes of many new companies. Industrial areas are converted to open space offices where creativity can roam free. What matters most in this evolving ecosystem of commerce is to find affordable office space for your budget, suited for your business needs. Here are few ideas that will help you along the way:

Community Sponsored Space

Many chambers of commerce use this tool to boost the local economy. They hold competitions where you have to present a business plan and show the potential for your idea to grow. Many startups compete, but if you do your due diligence you can win a spot in the shared environment for anywhere between two months to a year. These spaces usually organize networking group events where you can practice your pitch, get feedback, and share ideas. Stay tuned with the CoC website for event and competition announcements. In addition to being a potential path to a affordable office space in NYC, they often host business card exchange events, certificate courses, and information sessions that can help you along the way.


University Campus Space

It may sound obvious, but your university campus or a college near you may offer free working space. And if they don’t, for small team of one or two you can always take a class in the community college and take advantage of the library and common areas to work from. There is free internet and usually access to administrative support like printing and copying. If you are just starting out, this might be a good option to obtaining affordable office space.


Join an Incubator Program

Some venture capital firms build coworking spaces and host competitions for startups. The business model could be accelerator or incubator where you get a free startup office in NYC in exchange for equity. You also get access to administrative, financial and legal infrastructure on demand. This set up is very competitive and requires a lot of legwork in order to get in, but when you do you get credibility and a boost. There are many incubators in NYC. Some of the dominant ones are DreamIt, NYC Seed and TechStars. They specialize in different areas, so take a look at their details before you apply.

In addition, some traditional coworking spaces often offer a limited number of pro-bono spots on a first-come, first-served basis. So, if you are an early riser that might work for you. Some free spaces have strings attached like Wix NYC which promotes its site building platform. SoTechie is free only on Fridays. Pioneers Bar is also a popular work hub, although you have to buy a coffee or a beer.


Rent a Desk

An economical way to get the wheels of commerce turning is to work from a coworkng space. This approach has become exceedingly popular in recent years. Spaces have been built all around the metropolitan area offering a range of options in comfort and price. You have to consider the pros and cons of coworking office spaces and if they fit your business model. Consider noise levels, hours of operation, administrative support and meeting rooms allocation. The culture of the space can seamlessly become the culture of your company so choose carefully. Consider if the outfit provides you with a virtual address and a permanent desk, these details can make a difference when you are starting out. Some of the most popular spaces are Spacious, WeWork, The Farm and SparkLabs.


Turnkey Shared Workspace

Many coworking spaces also offer private office options. This would be a better option if you are working on proprietary projects or work that requires a high degree of focus and concentration. Finally, if your business is reliant on meeting clients, you might want a Midtown Manhattan startup office in NYC to make travel easy and to bring credibility and prestige to your company.