Free Marketing Channels for Building Brand Awareness

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Building Brand Awareness


The Internet is growing and shaping into a boundless ecosystem of brands and messages. Staying ahead of the curve and investing time in the right online marketing channels has become exceedingly challenging. Most popular social media sites are oversaturated with paid ad campaigns and your message is easily lost in the crowded feeds.

The race for clicks via online content is fierce and even the best SEO has to compete with thousands of other sites ranked by popularity. Email marketing is a powerful tool, but it is limited to your existing list and open and click rates can vary widely. Analyzing this information and choosing the right direction takes expertise and vision for what will be the next big thing. Here are a few iddeas that will help you find what works when building brand awareness for your business.



Video Blogging

People love to watch series and movies during their free time. YouTube takes up the second spot for video traffic in North America, behind only Netflix. That makes it one of the most important tools for building brand awareness on the Internet. If you don’t already have a YouTube channel, you should create one. You can post educational videos, behind the scenes clips, and casual entertaining clips of the human part of your business. Last, this will aid the image building of your company and increase your exposure.

Stock Photography Sites

There are many websites that offer free stock images. Some of them are not well organized and selection may be limited, but there are enough well-known, reputable sites. Two of the top providers are and You can use these sites as a means of exposure and building brand awareness. If you have a knack for photography, you can take professional photos on topics related to your product or company and submit them to those sites. Also, you can name your account after your company and leave a link to your site. In conclusion, users who look at or download your photos will be introduced to your brand.


Traditional Blogging and Distribution

If you do not have a blog, you should think about starting one. Nearly every established company and startup have built a blog and use it on a regular basis for building brand awareness about their brand and to drive traffic to their sites. Blogging is a must-have marketing channel and social media serves as an extension where you can promote your posts to the appropriate audience. Finally, distributing your blog posts is an essential part of your free marketing channel options. You can use social media, guest blogging, influencers, and email to reach your audience.