Growing Your Small Business: A Manhattan Workplace is Within Reach

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Is It Time For a Manhattan Workspace?



There are a few milestones in a small business’s timeline. One of the most satisfying milestones is opening your own Manhattan Workspace for business. Expanding beyond a home office is an exciting sign of success and the potential for continued growth. This feeling is even more rewarding when your office is at the center of commerce and industry in Manhattan.


Know All of Your Options

Having a Manhattan workspace is a true benchmark of success when it comes to entrepreneurial ventures in New York. The cost of operating in Manhattan can be astronomical.  This is why, simply having a space there is so closely associated with financial success.

Many people choose office space in other boroughs because they think they can’t afford a Manhattan workspace. This is often true for custom office space and stand-alone office space, but they may not have researched all of the more affordable and convenient options that are available to small businesses.


The Perfect Plan for Your Business

People in search of a space for their small business may not be aware of the most appropriate types of spaces for their space and budget requirements. A custom Manhattan office may be too expensive for most small businesses. However, there are plenty of top-tier spaces available in shared office environments.

A private office in a full-service office setting can be a great way for a small business to expand to a Manhattan space. Furnished offices allow many small business owners to have an office in locations that they may never have thought possible.

Even entrepreneurs who don’t have the need for an actual Manhattan workspace can find a virtual office plan that fits their needs. This can allow them to take advantage of the low cost of a home office, while giving them a prestigious business mailing address.

Workspace by Rockefeller Group has furnished office space available at the most sought after Manhattan locations. Our spaces at Rockefeller Plaza and 5th Avenue, are sure to have the perfect fit for your business. Whether it’s a private office, coworking space, or virtual office that you’re looking for, visit to learn how to Get the Best Address.