Hiring Staff vs. Fully-Serviced Office Space

If you have a small business, you know that the initial costs of starting your business can be astounding. From getting small business legal advice, to securing office space, there are significant expenses to starting a business.

Hiring Staff: The Expense of Staffing

One of the high costs of an expanding small business is office staffing. Hiring staff for your small business is often a necessary, yet expensive step toward growth. Also, when signing a long-term lease, affording staff can be a challenge. Hence, administrative assistants, a network administrator, and cleaning staff may be required for your business.

Hiring Staff: Don’t Try to Do It All Yourself

Many times, entrepreneurs are in denial that the cost of an administrative assistant is worth it. Because an administrative assistant can be a valuable asset, they are essential. Having an administrative assistant to do things like answer calls, take messages, and greet visitors can save you valuable time and help your business look more professional. The truth is, many entrepreneurs are willing to forgo the costs of hiring staff at the expense of their sanity and the potential growth of their business.

Simplify Your Small Business with a Full-Service Space

As an entrepreneur, you may be handling every aspect of your business. Emails, phone calls, sales, bookkeeping, etc. A full-service office space can help keep the expense of office staffing down by providing administrative assistants, IT staff, maintenance, and cleaning staff as a benefit of leasing the space. A full-service office can allow you to save money every month by eliminating the entire process of paying and hiring staff.

Full-service office spaces can allow you to grow your business by providing flexible space that can grow with your business, as well as the support of a fully staffed office.

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