Have You Outgrown Your Home Office?

Time To Leave Your NYC Home Office

The advantages to working from a NYC home office are many. The obvious advantages include little or no overhead, no commute, and the ability to stay close to family. A home office is a great place to start, but is limited when it comes to growth. 

Improve First Impressions

What do you do when you get to a point of meeting with clients and hiring staff? Is your NYC home office properly set to meet with clients?  Also, providing your staff with a comfortable work environment is equally as important as impressing your clients.  People want to know that anyone they are doing business with or working for comes with a certain degree of professionalism. Whether your business is well established or not, meeting in a home office can send a completely different message than meeting in a well-furnished commercial office. Anyone seriously looking to build business knows that the first impression of a potential client or team member is crucial. Secure a space that sends the right message to anyone who visits.

 Better Location, Better Networking

You may view office space as an unnecessary expense, but the truth is that the location of your office can be a powerful networking tool. If you find the right serviced workspace, like Workspace by Rockefeller Group, a flexible office in a business center can be cost effective. An office located in a respected commercial area can help strengthen your network and build business contacts. Surrounding yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs will help you grow your business, in many ways that a home office cannot.

If you are looking to expand from a home office in NYC, come visit Workspace by Rockefeller Group. We have locations in some of the most prestigious commercial spaces in the city including 5th Avenue, and Rockefeller Plaza. Let one of our associates show you our plans and spaces ranging from virtual offices to fully furnished offices and executive suites at affordable prices.


Elevate your image today.