Learn How to Be a Better Manager

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Management is the core practice that touches all aspects of your business. That is why it is important for you to be diligent and diplomatic in your approach. As a manager, you are the gatekeeper responsible for a good flow of operations. Your job involves resolving conflicts and problems that arise from day to day. You have to be thorough when you hire, particular on how you train and what relationships you build with your employees. The goals you set have to align with your image.   The culture that you promote has to unite the personalities of your employees. Here are our tips on how to be a better manager in the coming year.



Employ an Open Management Style

The relationship with your team will define the culture of your company. Keep your door open and build individual relationships with your employees. Appreciate their personalities and try to fight the natural urge to have favorites among your team members. Take everyone’s input and work to show that their ideas are taken into consideration. Get to know the people and their lives outside of work to encourage deeper relationships and let them know that they are free to share and address issues, and make suggestions. Promoting an open door culture will ease the flow of operations and increase productivity. Trust between you and your employees is the cornerstone management focus.


Be Constructive and Help People Grow

Your purpose as a manager should be to surround yourself with the brightest, most talented people and help deliver the tools and environment that they need to be productive. In order for you to keep them and seamlessly integrate them into the team, you have to train them diligently and thoroughly. You should encourage their individuality to shine and keep in mind that some need more guidance than others and some perform best when left alone. Tailor your guidance to their needs, encourage them to develop their strong skills via internal and external training program and stimuli. Work to make them into the best versions of themselves. They will appreciate your counsel and your efforts to cultivate a good rapport with your employees will benefit the company greatly.



Becoming a better manager can start with building a strong team. Be particular when you hire, train, and build team relationships. Remember to consider personality when acquiring new employees. If you build a team with these considerations in mind, you will be able to trust that team on a deeper level. This trust will allow you to confidently delegate responsibilities. The ability to delegate and trust your team will leave you room to work on long-term strategy as well as clarifying your company’s goals and mission. By trusting them, you give them the freedom to find their own creative solutions and further empower your team’s integration.


Promote Consistent Culture, Mission and Image

Your image as a leader is carefully observed by your employees, so make sure it is in sync with your company’s culture, mission, and in line with long-term goals. Employees will seamlessly follow a leader that is the epitome of the company mission, leads by example, and believes in the company’s culture and goals. They will get behind you, make your goals their goals, and adopt the image and culture as their own. This creates a uniform ecosystem of trust and innovation that will ultimately lead to individual growth.

Meet Often and Set Incentives

Meeting your team in a formal setting is important, but also be sure to organize regular informal gatherings outside of the office. They will help bring the team together and let you get to know them in a non-office setting. Gatherings of a casual nature are paramount to promoting your company culture. As they give the opportunity for employees to share experiences and have common ground. Use these opportunities to insert incentives, monetary or in the form of competitions. Rewarding the highest achievers can go a long way.  This motivates them and incentivizes the rest to work harder to receive recognition. Finally, we hope these tips have provided you some insight on how to be a better manager.


In conclusion, management focus is the key to your business success.