How to Choose a Coworking Space: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself

More business owners and workers than ever are wondering how to choose a coworking space. Do you just show up? Does a coworking space have to be loud and crowded? Or are there other options that allow flexibility while maintaining a professional office setting?

The days of a Mad-Men-style office or endless cubicles for every industry are long gone. Work has changed quite a bit from the 50s, and workspaces have changed as well. 

Coworking spaces started to become popular between 2005-2010. They were essentially an anti-office—large open rooms that everyone shared, often with lounge or coffeeshop vibes, games, couches, and funky décor. You showed up and picked whatever desk was available—working near the hustle and bustle of other entrepreneurs or businesspeople. 

But that was long before the pandemic, before the importance of flexible work, and before the boom of e-commerce and online entrepreneurs. 

Now, coworking spaces have changed. They have swapped the coffeeshop style for a hybrid solution, including private office space, to meet the modern workforce. People use coworking spaces to conduct meetings, interact with clients, and maintain a flexible office solution on their terms. 

You can find a range of environments and coworking spaces in any major city. But that doesn’t mean that every coworking space is the right fit for you. Read on to discover 4 questions to ask yourself to help you choose a coworking space.  


What Do I Need From My Coworking Space’s Location?

The biggest piece of the puzzle when choosing a coworking space is location. When you want a flexible workspace solution, the last thing you want is to spend hours commuting or choose a space in the wrong area. 

The space you choose should not only be convenient for you—it should work for your clients and team members as well. Think about a central location for anyone who might use the space. 

You’ll also need to consider what other businesses are nearby to the office you choose. Most employees have become comfortable working from home and skipping out on commutes and traffic. You’ll want to entice them with a coworking space that is accessible and conveniently located, as well as one that is surrounded by a variety of restaurants, shops, and activities. 

What Level of Privacy Do I Need?

Working in a community environment with people you don’t know certainly has its advantages—motivating energy, networking opportunities, and a social scene. 

But what do you do when you need to make a confidential phone call or meet with your team? Does your computer work include sensitive information that requires privacy? 

Many coworking spaces offer private offices with hourly, daily, or monthly terms. Workplaces such as Workspace by Rockefeller Group offer private offices with the same support of a coworking space. 

What Terms Do I Want from My Coworking Space? 

It is a consumer’s market right now—which means you have an advantage. There is no need to lock yourself into a long-term lease. 

Whether you need an occasional office space or want something to call your own, you can find a place where you can dictate the terms.

Coworking providers are willing to negotiate terms that work around your requirements. You can ensure that your coworking space terms contain everything you need (and nothing you don’t). Make sure you are comfortable with the terms, or shop around until you find a space that you are comfortable with. 

Do I Need To Consider Security When Choosing a Coworking Space?

Safety and security are very important elements to consider when choosing a coworking space. If you work off-hours or pull late nights, you want to rest assured that you are in a safe environment. 

Make sure the coworking space you choose is in a neighborhood with a low crime rate. Don’t put yourself or your team at risk in a questionable neighborhood. 

The coworking space itself should provide additional safety features. Inquire about lobby security—search for a coworking space that utilizes a security team to check the IDs of everyone entering the building. 

Remember that security goes beyond physical safety as well—you also want to ensure that your files are protected. You are sharing a Wi-Fi connection with many other individuals. Before you select a coworking space, find out if the internet is trustworthy and if your files, computers, and sensitive information are protected in the workspace itself. 

What is the Atmosphere of the Coworking Space?

The atmosphere is another factor to help guide your decision. How do you and your team want to work?  When a client visits, does the office environment match your company’s persona? 

Are you a bean bag chairs, ping pong tables, and free beer kind of business? Or do you need a corporate image with a professional setting and elegant décor. Do you want access to outdoor space and superior tenant amenities?  

Shop around and find a space that suits your personality, matches the reputation you want to create, and provides everything you want in your office atmosphere. 

Choosing Your Coworking Space

With the right questions, you’ll find a coworking space that suits the needs of you and your business in no time. 

If you’re searching for a coworking space in New York City, you’ll want to consider Workspace by Rockefeller Group. Located in New York City’s iconic Rockefeller Center, the space provides a prestigious and convenient space.  

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