Hybrid Work in NYC for The Remote Worker

3 Advantages for a Hybrid Work Environment

Many employees and employers navigated through the complexity of being forced to work from home at the start of the pandemic. As complex as it was to be productive, returning to the office has not been as easy and straightforward as workers, managers and HR departments thought it would be. People have now found themselves surprised by their productivity level while working from home.

Those that were initially skeptical about working from home before the pandemic soon learned that their preconceived notions were somewhat wrong. Employees quickly learned that it is still possible to be productive from their home office. It’s nice to have flexibility when it comes to at-home responsibilities, and your work-life balance may improve.

Those who idealized the notion of working from home also found that it comes with some downsides. Zoom calls can feel more draining than regular meetings, and inevitable technical difficulties are resolved in a less efficient timeframe. Your home office is probably not as well equipped as the in-person office, and you can be constantly distracted by pets, kids, partners, neighbors, etc.

We have found that when given the choice between staying at home and going back to the office, most workers choose a hybrid work model. Here are 3 advantages of utilizing a hybrid work model.

Reduce Work-From-Home Fatigue

Working from home during the pandemic was a challenge for many. Most people never tried it before and suddenly they had no choice. Although most workers did not have a dedicated workspace in their homes, they were able to improvise.  It took a few months to adjust but once the kinks were worked out, a home work environment proved to be as efficient as their office space.

Studies showed that, although most were able to work efficiently, living in a hyperconnected world started to cause many to feel work from home fatigue. A hybrid work model solves this by simply giving employees the freedom to choose where it makes more sense for them to work.  With the variety of office space by the day options available, the hybrid model offers the best of both worlds.

Increased Productivity

What most companies learned during the pandemic is that working from home doesn’t necessarily come with a negative impact on overall productivity. Instead, they realized that there was an increase in productivity during these long months.

Because of how a hybrid work style contributes to a positive employee work-life balance, productivity has actually increased. Empowering your workforce with the freedom to work where they are most comfortable will lower cases of employee burnout and generate great company benefits.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

Your employees will be most satisfied when they feel like they are treated by their superiors with trust. The key to employee happiness is providing them with as much autonomy as possible. The hybrid work model helps to provide freedom to choose.

How to Implement Hybrid Work

Hybrid work is all about providing employees with real choices and supporting their decisions. This means that offering stipends for properly equipping a home office, absorbing the cost of a
workspace membership, offering day passes for private offices or meeting rooms when they need to use them, and opting to utilize a flexible office space where people can come in
and out however they see fit. Give us a call to learn how easy it is to create a hybrid work environment for your employees.  Contact David Jakubowski at 212.918.4832 or by email.