5 Inspirational Meeting Rooms in New York City

Looking for some ideas to make your meeting rooms more productive? Creating an inspirational space for offices and meeting rooms is extremely important, since it can affect the efficiency and productivity.  The set up, layout, and atmosphere of a meeting room can make all the difference.

Whether you’re considering re-designing your office space and meeting rooms, or just looking for some ideas to create a productive space, check out the below list for some of the inspirational meeting rooms that we found.

        1. Quirky: This office has a unique contrast of the red brick wall and rusty antique themed furniture pieces against the modern, cutting edge technological equipment that makes video conferences possible. This unique meeting space provides a warm yet productive environment.
        2. Seamless: Every room comes with a high tech remote control that can run the TV or set up conference calls and lighting. The LED touch panel screens equipped in the front of the meeting rooms allows booking the meeting rooms at ease.
        3. NueHouse: Neuhouse is a co-working space with a concept to provide the office space and an ideal working environment for design, film, fashion, publishing and art and tech companies. Going into one of these meeting rooms will make you feel like you’re at a fancy boutique hotel in the city!inspirational meeting room
        4. The Barbarian Group: Ever dreamed of working inside a spaceship? This is a co-working and meeting space designed to maximize the team collaboration. The concept was to promote connectivity between the people and to have easy access to meet and collaborate with anybody at the company.
        5. Open Society Foundations: This 360 degree round table meeting room is located in the corner room of the building overlooking the intersection of Broadway and 57th street. The big windows surrounding the meeting room makes the space open and bright.Open inspirational meeting room

If you are looking for a gorgeous and open meeting room to use for your field office, Workspace by Rockefeller Group offers meeting rooms with the best view imaginable. This open meeting room even overlooks The Rink At Rockefeller Center and is available for use!

What type of meeting room inspires you?