Is a Remote Team Right for Me?

remote team


As technology progresses, the nature of many professional positions has changed. There is no longer a need for a centralized office for many businesses to operate. In fact, many businesses actually find that they can operate more effectively using remote workers and even fully remote teams than their competitors in traditional offices. Let’s look at a few of the advantages of remote teams.


Drastically Reduced Overhead

Without the expense of a traditional office setting, businesses of all sizes can eliminate a large portion of their expenditure. A remote team structure can be a quick and easy way to increase a business’s profitability. In a city like New York, where office space can average $14,800 per employee per year, eliminating office space is a great way to become more financially lean.


Find Talent Oustide of Your Area

When your business relies on remote workers, you are not limited to the potential candidates in your location. There are highly qualified candidates all over the world who may be looking for job opportunities that align with your company’s available positions. Businesses can build stronger teams by removing location as a barrier to employment.

The freedom to work from any location is reason enough for many people to pursue remote positions. Some companies offer interesting incentives like coworking space allowances, health club memberships, or other benefits to entice potential employees and keep remote team members happy.

With more employers using services like virtual offices in place of brick and mortar office locations, there are more remote positions available than ever before. Understanding why businesses choose to pursue a remote model can help you decide if it might be a good fit for your business. For some tips on successfully managing a remote team, see our article here.