Law Firm Office Space: Make a Good First Impression

Here are a few tips to make sure that your law firm office space is truly enhancing your image.  If you are planning on starting your law firm, you are probably already concerned with establishing your credibility and marketing your services to potential clients. You will only get one shot at a first impression, and many times the first impression will come when a client walks into your office.

Law Firm Office Space Made Simple

Organize Your Space

An organized and inviting office can go a long way when trying to make potential clients feel welcome. The more cluttered and disorganized that your space appears, the more people will associate you with disorganization in general. It does not inspire confidence when your office is in complete disarray.  Create a filing system for your documents and stick to it. Take the time to organize your space every day. You may not know when people will be stopping by.

Show Clients Who You Are

So, while your space should be free of clutter, you also want to avoid feeling too cold or corporate. You may choose to display your credentials on the wall, but don’t include unnecessary items. Too many academic and professional certificates on the wall can appear pretentious and displaying all of the specifics of your career path is simply unnecessary. A few personal touches in your law office space such as family photos, your children’s artwork, books, and tasteful decorations can help let your personality show.

Get a Good Address

An effectively furnished small office can show your clients that you are a professional, and a law office space with a great location can show them that you are successful and worthy of your prestigious location. As a legal professional, your location can be very important. An office at the right location can enable you to network with others in your field, bring in more clients, and establish yourself as a leader in your field. A superior location can be worth the price, if it brings more clients or higher caliber clients.

We hope you consider these tips when you are setting up or reorganizing your law office space.