4 Ways To Leverage Temporary Office in a New Market

New York City Temporary Office Spaces

If you’re looking to expand your business into New York City, you may want to consider temporary office space while you learn your new market.  This short-term option will give you the support you need while getting the lay of the land. Read these 5 steps so you can start building business in New York City!

Step 1. Set Business Goals

How many employees will you want to have? What is the best part of town to be in?  Are you close to your clients and transportation? You might not be ready to answer these questions and that is ok.  However, you will want to have these answers before you sign a long-term lease.  There are a pleather of temporary office space options for you to consider, like Workspace by Rockefeller Group that can support your business while you find the best space for you.

Step 2. Plan and Strategize

It is easy enough for you to learn where your clients are located.  But equally as important, what location works for you and your employees? Which temporary office space will elevate your image in your new market?  If you’re already looking for temporary office space in New York City, odds are you already have some kind of strategy in place.  Places like Rockefeller Center are certainly prestigious and will provide you with immediate credibility.  A location like this is centrally located and will give you great access to transportation and those that you will need to meet with.

Step 3. Host Events

You may want to consider having an event to generate business leads and opportunities. By the time you find traditional office space, furniture and connect your IT, you might have already been in the market for months, having lost the opportunity for the immediate introduction.  Temporary office space will give you a professional setting immediately.  You will find that most locations come with event space or meeting rooms that can accommodate large gatherings.  Your traditional space may not be large or impressive enough for a grand event. Hosting an educational and informative seminar will position yourself as an expert and thought leader in your industry while you make some connections.

Step 4. Meet with Leads and Candidates

While hosting your introductory event, learn who your qualified leads or candidates are. Make sure that you set a future time aside to meet with them personally. Meeting with them and learning more in details about them will give you the opportunity to determine the challenges that they are facing.  Use the temporary office space by inviting guests to see your new impressive office space.


If more advise on selecting the best temporary office space for you, contact us today.