What To Look For In Litigation Meeting Rooms

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NYC Litigation Meeting Rooms


As a lawyer, you may need temporary office space for jobs that are too big for the permanent office. You may also need remote office space for out-of-town trials that are too distant for your local office. This need often arises with document reviews and off-site litigation. Litigation meeting rooms in a serviced workspace are the answer.


Technology For Off-Site Litigation

Any member of your legal team will work more effectively if all technological amenities are available at the temporary space. Attorneys sometimes set up a remote war room to conduct litigation at an out-of-town courthouse. Look for a conference room or office space that offers mounted flat screens, telephone and internet service and multiple audio and visual equipment options.


Additional Space For Off-Site Litigation

When large numbers of documents must be reviewed quickly, temporary staff may be added to assist. If the workforce expands beyond the limit of your current office space, which we often see happen, a remote office can provide additional space for discovery. In large urban areas like New York City, furnished, turnkey remote offices might be available for lease. Look for a remote office that is equipped to handle large numbers of employees at a moments notice. Workspace by Rockefeller Group offers this in New York City; it is good to have a list of such locations in advance.


Flexible Terms For Off-Site Litigation

Try to find an agreement that can be cut short in case the trial is resolved early. It can be beneficial to find document review rooms or electronic discovery space ahead of time that could be cut short or extended depending on the length of time the trial stays in the discovery phase.