4 Meeting Tips That Make a Difference

We don’t get together as often as we used to, so when we do, we need to make it count.  It take more than you think to make the perfect meeting.  Here are four meeting tips to keeping your staff enthused and focused.


Share The Goal of The Meeting
The Rink Meeting Room in Rockefeller Center

Aarhus University’s study shows that providing the goals of the meeting increased perception of cooperation, trust, and shared expectations. This will also help shift focus from the process to the goals. Make sure that next time you share the main goal of the meeting on a white board or on your presentation material so everyone can be aware in the beginning. If you also have a meeting agenda to share prior to the meeting, it will increase the productivity of the meeting immensely.

Share the Time

Manage the time by setting a timer so every minute of the meeting is used productively. If nothing else, you probably have a timer on your phone. Keep in mind; just like the shared goal in 1, the key here is to share the time with everyone to increase awareness. If you don’t have an app to set the timer, try this countdown timer tool online. Remember to share the countdown timer window with the rest of the team at the meeting.

Have Refreshments

Maintaining a refreshed state will be very important for productive meetings. Make sure you have plenty of water and the room temperature is comfortable enough for everyone.  If you are hosting a long meeting, you should consider breakfast or lunch.  Studies show that taking breaks and eating properly will increase attentiveness.

Breakout Space

Give your attendees a safe place to go while on break.  A lounge or private space will give everyone the opportunity to check emails, voicemails, and reach out to their staff.  It also give everyone a place to socialize and relax.  This is very important these days because we don’t get to see each other as often as we used to.

More Meeting Tips

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