Move to the Burbs and Keep Your Manhattan Presence Safe

Moving Your Business From NYC

It is no secret that NYC residents are leaving at an alarming rate.  As offices reopen, employers are giving their employees the option to work from home, an option that most are taking.  When moving your business from NYC, you need to consider maintaining a presence there.

One thing this pandemic has taught us is that working from home or anywhere in the world, is just as effective as being in traditional office space, or in New York City.  With that being said, moving your business from NYC and working closer to home, or even moving to a new location, has allowed many to see their dreams come true.

Recently, the New York Times wrote an article about the vast number of young people that are fleeing NYC.  They wrote about a Virtual Assistant, Carlos Arana, who left the city and moved back to his parent’s house in Austin, TX.  While his business has thrived through the pandemic, he realized that he didn’t need to physically be in New York City.

In fact, this has been a trend among many young New Yorkers.  No one is sure how many people have actually left the city for good, but one this is for sure, the number is significant.  Another thing that is for sure, a Manhattan address still has prestige in the business world.  So, how do you move out of the city, close your office and still have a presence there? A virtual office may be the essential element to maintaining a successful business presence.  In Rockefeller Center, Workspace by Rockefeller Group can provide you with one of the best addresses in the world for as little as $90 a month. You not only maintain a business address, but you have access to onsite administrative staff, on demand meeting rooms and offices at a daily rate.  As your mail comes into the office, they can send it right back out to your new home office, and your clients will never know.

But maintaining a NYC address is more important then simply polishing up your business card.  Take into consideration SEO ranking for your website. Your address does matter when people search your industry.  If New York City is an important market to you, you will want a New York City address on your website to attract online searches.  Additionally, studies show that people still prefer to deal with someone that is local to the market.  The perception that you are in NYC will give you the upper hand over your competition.

If you would like more information about the benefits of a virtual office and how we can help you move your business from NYC, contact us today so that your can elevate your image and get the best address.

Downsizing Your NYC Office Space

If you are looking to minimize your footprint in the city and are concerned about the uncertainly of the future, you should consider the flexibility of a serviced workspace. Short terms, furnished and staffed, you can minimize your exposure to risk while providing your staff with a productive work environment.