No Term Office Space

No Term Office Space


One of the most common questions we receive from prospective clients is, “how long do people generally stay with you?”  We are proud of the fact that we can boast an average that is much higher then our competitors.  The quality of our location is a huge draw.  However, it is the impact of our staff and services that intrigue companies.


However, not every client is looking for longevity.  For instance, we recently had a client move in, needing no term office space.  Because their lease was up at their current offices and their new office wasn’t going to be ready right away, they moved into three of our offices for the interim period.  They didn’t want to commit to a specific length of time, so we worked out a no term office space deal.  We are receiving more and more leads from brokers that have clients in the same situation.  Companies are taking their time to find office space that meets all of their requirements.  So, when they find a desirable space, they want to take their time to outfit it with their corporate culture in mind.  It is wonderful to find built out space, but there are always little tweaks that are necessary.


Studies have proven that an office requirement for periods of only one to two months is not uncommon. We can support the fact that there is a great demand for office space for micro periods of time.  This requirement might even be turned away by other workspaces.  We hear it all too often that our competitors have minimum terms of 3-6 months. Because we are selling convenience and flexibility, we are happy to cater to this segment of the market.


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If you find yourself in a situation where you only need an office for a very short period of time, consider the convenience of Workspace by Rockefeller Group, located at 45 Rockefeller Plaza.