5 Office Space Cost Saving Tips For Your NYC Office Space



5 Office Space Cost Saving Tips


Starting an office in New York City can be overwhelming; especially when you consider the high costs associated with rent, utilities, and other necessities. While you can try and save your money on your office supplies, furniture, and other operational costs, it is also recommended to look for the opportunities and resources provided by the city.


Below is a list of office space cost saving tips you can use to save some money when you’re just starting your business, or considering starting a business in New York City.


Get a Tax Break!

If you’re in the advanced materials & manufacturing, biotech & life sciences, or tech & electronics industries, you may qualify for the Start-Up NY’s business incentive program offered by New York State. Look up Startup.ny.gov for the tax free zones. If you qualify for the startup, you may benefit by paying zero tax for 10 years!


Choose the Right Location.

Money is not the only thing you would want to save when starting a new office. Consider the commuting time and the transportation fees. If it is likely that you will be going home very late, make sure your apartment will be close enough from your office so you don’t need to end up spending too much money on your cab ride back home. By choosing the right location, you could be saving lots of time and money.


Find Suite Deals.

There are plenty of choices for office in New York City, and every space comes with different deals and arrangements and periods. You can even rent an office for a day or rent a furnished office. So look for the best arrangement that will provide the most benefits for your business.  Depending on the arrangement, you can save your money and time on looking for and buying all the extras.


Use Free Software.

From anti-virus software to business related forms and documents, you may often find the need to purchase software.  Visit download.com first and you may save thousands of dollars by downloading business forms and anti-virus software for absolutely nothing. Do look online for other free resources as it can be costly when you’re starting an office in New York City. Every penny saved will help you run your business lean from the get-go.


Learn More Hacks from a Mentor.

Books and online resources can only teach you so much. Building relationships and getting connected with one of the successful business leaders in New York City will become a lifelong asset to you and your business. SCORE provides free local mentoring. Surrounding yourself with successful people will help you take your business to the next level.