6 Tips for Choosing the Right Turnkey Office Space in New York City

We all know New York City has a lot to offer, including turnkey office space. But when there are too many options, it can be overwhelming to pick one. While there is turnkey office space in New York City available at various locations throughout the City, choosing the right place can be time consuming.

To help you navigate the options, we summarized our favorite tips and top things to consider. Eventually you’ll know exactly what you want and will find the right one.

Your Business’s Priority Matters

Are you looking to save time, or money? What is your business priority and what is the goal? If you have a big business deal waiting in New York City, it may be worth the investment for a great lasting impression and creating the best brand image for your business.

First Impressions Matter

An impression of your company comes from where your office is located and the type of building. Making a good impression is crucial when building new businesses in New York City. If your clients are located in New York City, there is a high chance they will be familiar with parts of Manhattan, so if you want to leave a good impression as a professional, established, and credible company, do pick a place that matches with the type of business you’re in.

Brand Matters

Your company’s brand and your office, even if it is temporary office space, should match. Remember that a solid business address builds your business’s brand. A prestigious address can add an extra, positive image to your company’s brand. But also consider which industry you’re in. If you are in the fashion industry, Fifth Ave, or Soho may be a good fit, and if you’re in finance, a turnkey office space on Wall Street may make more sense.

Location Matters

There are many temporary office spaces in New York City, but make sure you can be easily accessed by your clients. Make sure you pick the right locations in the city for your industry so you can attend those events, meetings, and attract the right people. It is also good to remember that traffic and subways can be a pain sometimes and depending on your office location.  It could help you save lots of time, especially if you’re in the prime location in the city.

Flexibility Matters

Make sure the office lease plan for your turnkey office space actually suits your needs and usage for your business. What is the purpose of your temporary office? Will there be a need for meeting or conference rooms? Make sure that you pick the place that has flexible lease plans for temporary use, with flexible accommodations for meeting rooms and such.

Cost Effectiveness Matters

Make sure your office space in New York City is equipped to provide you the features you want. Do they have common areas, coffee, internet, receptionists or administrative staffs?   Do they offer phones, copy and fax machines, meeting and conference rooms? Are these amenities free or do they charge extra? These can make a big difference when they add up, so it’s good to check beforehand if the office has these features included in the package or not.

Finally, Workspace by Rockefeller Group provides temporary office space in New York City for as short as single day. Plans can be customized to suit your office space needs.