What do you do when your colleagues want to work from home, but you still need an office?

All over New York City, businesses are closing their offices because the majority of the staff have grown accustom to the work from home concept. But what do you do if your home does not work for you or if you still need a place to meet with your clients or you still need a business presence? It might be time for you to consider a private office space in Rockefeller Center with a shared office space provider.

Most likely, it does not make sense to keep a large footprint with your traditional space, especially when there are more practical and cost effective options available. Here are three ways to maintain a workspace in NYC by taking advantage of the services found at a shared office space.

Private Office Space with Support Services

Considered to be the most important feature of a shared office space is the ability to work alone or with a small team while still having access to all of the services your business needs. Services such as administrative support, meeting rooms, and break areas will allow you to manage your costs without sacrificing the conveniences you are accustomed to. Shared office space providers like Workspace by Rockefeller Group (Workspace by Rockefeller Group), in Rockefeller Center, manage the entire workspace while providing you with a convenient and cost effective workplace solution.Serviced Office Space in Rockefeller Center

Big Address with Flexible Terms

While living in such uncertain times, flexibility is key to your success. Although securing office space at a premier location like 45 Rockefeller Plaza usually comes with a long-term commitment,Workspace by Rockefeller Group provides you with a flexible short-term option that is designed around your needs. From a day to a week to a month to indefinitely, flexible agreements are designed to meet your needs.

Small Office with a Big Look

On average, a private office space is about 130sf. But by no means are you confined to the limitations of your office. Once you secure an office with Workspace by Rockefeller Group, you gain access to all of the lounges, meeting rooms, copiers and even Rockefeller Center’s Zo. Lounge. Rest assured, you will not comprise convenience when you move into Workspace by Rockefeller Group.

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