3 Tips to Reduce Remote Office Costs in New York City

Lowering your remote office costs is your key to success.  Efficiency is always key to a successful business. Moving or opening up a new office, can be very costly.  This is especially true when you have to buy furniture, set up utilities, or buy equipment.

While New York City offers various resources for business owners, it can also be overwhelming at times. Below, we’ve compiled some tips and ways to reduce remote office costs and run your business efficiently in New York City.

Pick Location Wisely:

Depending on the industry you’re in, you may want to establish a good brand image from the get-go rather than presenting your business as not-so-established in New York. Lease a virtual office with a very low monthly price so you can still operate from your current location, while having a local New York City business address to use. A credible image of the company is important to your clients or customers when making purchasing decisions so do choose a location wisely.

Use Turnkey Office Space:

If you are just starting out and are not sure how long your business will be located in New York City, look for a turnkey office space in New York City. A turnkey, furnished office is a great way to reduce remote office costs. You won’t have to furnish your office, saving you time and money, and the flexibility and mobility will be even more valuable to business if you are opening up a new office. When you have tested out your market in New York City, and are very certain you will be in the city for longer than 3 years, then look into leasing the office space.

Stay Connected:

One of the first challenges when opening a new office in New York is recognition. Your next customer could actually be sitting in a nearby office. Walk around and say hello to your new neighbors, or attend events that are relevant to your industry. When you find out someone can benefit from your services or products, give them a trial with a “special” discount in exchange for a referral, or a mention on social media. Build rapport with those around you and your business, and you may earn free word of mouth marketing!