Remote Worker Support is Here

Recently, many office workers have been forced to move from their office space into a home office. For the most part, this has become an acceptable way to work during the COVID-19 pandemic, however, there are those that will agree that this is not the most conducive work environment. Here are three ways to get remote worker support when managing the stress of Coronavirus.

Printing, Scanning and Sending Documents

Sure, we all have a convenient printer and scanner in our homes, but what do you do when you have a large job to tackle?  What could take you hours in your home could take minutes with a professional machine. You can take the job to a Staples or FedEx store, but then you are putting yourself at risk due to social distancing issues. Serviced workplaces like Workspace by Rockefeller Group have staff on hand to do the work for you.  They can send a messenger to collect the documents from you, complete the job quickly and efficiently, then return all of your documents to you.


As archaic as snail mail is, it’s that necessary evil that we must deal with.  When you have large packages or bulk mail to send, do you really want to go to the post office?  With the assistance of a serviced office space, you don’t need to put yourself at additional risk.  Your service provider can send a messenger to your home. The mail will be taken back to their office and sent from there.

With access to the mailing address of a serviced workspace, you don’t have to reveal your home address.  Your mail comes to your provider, who would forward it to your home.

Call Answering

If your team is working remotely, how is your receptionist answering your calls for you?  If you are not able to answer your calls now, you should consider keeping the professionalism of a live receptionist by using an outside provider.  Most serviced workspaces are partnered with a professional receptionist outsourcing services.

If you would like to learn more about the features of a serviced workspace, contact us today.