Adopting A Remote Working Plan

Has COVID-19 forced your company to adopt a flexible work practice?

If you thought that remote working didn’t fit into your business model, you probably had to reconsider your position over the last three months.  COVID-19, has forced most of us to realize that this is a feasible and effective way to work. The pandemic meant that, working from home and in local serviced workspaces was the only way to work, whether you like it or not.  This called for a quick change in the structure of our work environment and how we communicate.

Within weeks after the NYC lockdown was implemented, traditional office workers managed to have their teams working remotely. There certainly have been challenges but some businesses have

NYC Office Space view of St. Patrick's Cathedral

also seen benefits. Early reports indicate that about 75% of upper management intends to institute a degree of remote working into their management plan by allowing those that don’t need to come to the office an alternative workspace solution.  This trend is clearly an indication of how the fallout from the pandemic is going to stay with us for an indefinite period.

Such a shift to remote working coincides with the growing desire for many to work from home or a local workspace.  Not only is working from home a growing trend, but serviced workspaces that are more convenient to home are growing in popularity too.

Where to Go?

Companies that currently work with serviced workspace providers, like Workspace by Rockefeller Group, had an easier time integrating the rest of their staff into a space local to their staff.  It has also been noted that, when providing team members with access to workspace that is local to where they live, they have a much better opportunity of securing a more desirable workforce.   If you are looking for a global solution, consider Davinci Virtuals

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