Workspace by Rockefeller Group Celebrates 6th Anniversary with Davinci Virtual Office Solutions

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We had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, about virtual office trends. Read below, and let us know if you have considered a virtual office.

Q1. How has the virtual office market grown over the years?

Virtual offices are becoming a new standard in mobile entrepreneurship. In less than 10 years the virtual office industry has gone from almost a complete unknown to one of the most rapidly growing and in-demand business-to-business services. This growth is driven by partnerships between virtual office service providers and business center ownership groups, like Workspace by Rockefeller Group (Workspace by Rockefeller Group), working together to provide a globally available solution for entrepreneurs and small businesses alike.

Q2. How did your business grow along with the market trend?

About a decade ago we set out to build the global virtual office business model. While the virtual office concept has existed since the mid-1990s, there wasn’t a viable global network in place to properly serve today’s mobile entrepreneur. Understanding that there was a demand for services on a global scale, we began building a partnership network to establish locations across the world that would be accessible to anybody in our rapidly expanding client base.

Q3. What makes Davinci Virtual Office Unique?

Beyond building a partner network, we having continually looked to bring new services to the virtual office world. Integration with new technologies, new processes, and better forms of communication has made virtual offices viable for millions of workers. Today’s virtual office is much more than a simple business address with some added conveniences. The virtual office services that we provide allow for entrepreneurs and small businesses to compete on even ground with large companies in their respective industries. With business addresses, live receptionists, meeting room rentals, live web chat, lead generation, and business admin services all available at minimal cost, any motivated business owner can reach their maximum potential.

Q4. How has the partnership been with Workspace by Rockefeller Group?

We’ve found success and been able to grow our presence worldwide through strong business partners. Since 2009, we have had a fantastic working relationship with Workspace by Rockefeller Group. By leveraging their ability to provide excellent virtual office locations, high quality meeting room rentals, and great customer support, Workspace by Rockefeller Group has become one of our preferred business partners for providing virtual office solutions and meeting room rentals for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and business professionals in a wide variety of industries.

Q5. How has the feedback been for virtual offices at Workspace by Rockefeller Group?

Workspace by Rockefeller Group provides our clients with some of our most sought after and iconic virtual office locations in New York City. With set up times for new clients happening within 2 business days, few partners are as equipped, staffed, and capable of providing such a seamless experience as Workspace by Rockefeller Group. As our business continues to grow, Workspace by Rockefeller Group has proven to be a valuable partner.

Q6. What do you think the future holds for the virtual office spaces?

Each year the demand for virtual office solutions increases, and Workspace by Rockefeller Group remains a strong player in the VO industry. We expect that as more small businesses and mobile entrepreneurs opt into virtual office services, that we will continue to see fantastic growth and continued success with Workspace by Rockefeller Group.

Thank you very much and we also look forward to the upcoming opportunities together!

To find out more about securing your own business address or finding out more about how virtual office services can help you grow your business, contact Davinci Virtual Office Solutions at 1.888.863.3423 or visit