Four Considerations in Selecting a Shared Office Space or Coworking

If you are in the process of selecting a shared office space or coworking space, you certainly have your pick of locations, ambiance and reputation.  Although there are plenty of reputable providers out there, it is vital to your success that you select one that best reflects your company’s character.

Selecting a Shared Office Space Location:

Not only do you want a prestigious location with an address that has the desired impact on those you should do business with. The location should be appropriately located for you, your employees and your clients.  A “good deal” is only good if the space meets all of your requirements.

Shared Office Space Privacy:

Shared office space is just that, it is shared with other companies.  Even with a private office, you and your colleagues will be sharing common, community space.  You will want to find a provider that offers the level of privacy that you require. Places like Workspace by Rockefeller Group have built their model on private office spaces, giving the individual an ability to create an office environment that is uniquely their own.  Over the past 25 years, Workspace by Rockefeller Group has built their reputation by providing a distinct level of professionalism, support and privacy for its member clients.

History of The Shared Office Space Provider:

Shared office space has increasingly become a preferred way to work, not only by start-ups and sole proprietors, but Fortune 500 companies as well.  With this surge, new providers of shared office environments, more commonly known as coworking centers, are increasingly commonplace in the New York City business districts.  Consider the reputation, the history and sustainability of the office space provider. With a stellar 25-year reputation, Workspace by Rockefeller Group has proven that they can stand the test of time with a consistent dedication to their clients.

Surround Yourself with Likeminded Business Professionals: Years ago, when so few providers existed, you could find yourself in a culture that did not align with your corporate values.  You may be able to express your company’s culture and mission within your office space but be certain that the shared, or common areas are aligned with yours also.

Who Has Benefited From Workspace by Rockefeller Group

For more then 25 years, Workspace by Rockefeller Group has been serving the NYC community by offering private office space at one of the most recognized addresses in the world, Rockefeller Plaza.  Client companies range from energetic start-up entrepreneurs to well-established companies, and even those that are not quite ready to retire, but choose instead to try something on their own.  If you are in the process of selecting a shared office space and would like to move into a superb location, with a reputation to match, contact us today.


For more considerations about selecting your office here are some tips to consider.