Workspace by Rockefeller Group Success Story: Meet Alex Granovsky, ESQ.

Serviced Office Space For Lawyers

For years, lawyers have been using serviced office space, also known as coworking, as a successful place to grow their firm.  They don’t have to hire staff, manage an IT infrastructure, or sign a long term lease.  We interviewed one of our long term member, Alex Granovsky to talk about his experience in our serviced office space for lawyers.

Why did you decide to locate your practice at Workspace by Rockefeller Group?

It was the perfect combination of cost, location, and services. The facility has a professional aura that I did not feel at other locations. I was also impressed by the reasonable cost, compared to traditional office space. Plus, a prestigious address with Workspace by Rockefeller Group brings instant credibility to my firm. My clients expect high quality work from me, but before they become my client, I need to present myself with the proper professional image. When I bring clients for meetings, they see the professional staff in a prestigious location, which helps my firm build trust. 

How did the location help your business grow?

The staff is exceptional and the address brings instant credibility.  The professionalism of the staff has been instrumental in helping my business function. They are responsive, fast and their work is always spot on. When people see my location, it elevates my image and it has helped with the corporate branding.


About Workspace by Rockefeller Group

We have been a leading member of the serviced office space community for more then 25 years.  We attribute our success to our ability to provide exceptional service, in the best locations, with the best staff.  Our goal is too provide serviced office space for lawyers, with the highest level of privacy and discretion.  Here, you can surround yourself with likeminded lawyers and watch your firm grow.

If you would like to learn more about our serviced office space for lawyers, contact us today so you can move in tomorrow.