Workspace by Rockefeller Group Provides the Solution

As a growing proportion of small and large companies, professionals, and entrepreneurs are changing how they conduct business, short-term office space is becoming overwhelmingly popular. On-demand private offices such as those found at Workspace by Rockefeller Group provide a fully serviced workspace for those that require a private workspace, meeting room, or simply a desk with a chair in a shared office setting.

What Exactly is a Flexible Workspace?

As the name implies, flexible workspaces are office spaces created strictly for short-term or temporary rental, usually charging an all-inclusive flat fee with no binding contract. Durations can be anywhere from a few hours up to several months.

Serviced short-term spaces come equipped with internet access, telephones, printers, and experienced administrative assistants. The workspaces can be as simple as co-working in a community room or at a more prestigious executive level, such as the Workspace by Rockefeller Group. Here, you can enjoy the convenience of a private office space in NYC’s famous Rockefeller Center.

Why Temporary Office Space Works

For businesses in between rental contracts, considering a move or downsizing, temporary office space can provide the tools and staffing required to get the work done without committing to a binding lease. Conversely, when expanding or requiring more staff for special projects, renting short-term office space will help manage the surplus staff.

When needing a convenient and attractive space to meet with clients and colleagues, serviced office management companies can provide meeting rooms outfitted with the necessary tools and technology for a successful meeting.

Rental costs of a permanent space can be prohibitive to a small business and put a chokehold on company finances. Short-term temporary office spaces are affordable and free of maintenance fees. Durations can be hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly and best of all, no long-term lease.

The Short-Term Solution

With many employees now working from home, many businesses are burdened with empty and costly permanent office space. As leases come to an end, many companies are rethinking their workplace strategy. Short-term office rentals are starting to fill a unique niche, offering a temporary solution during a turbulent time.

Employees that now work from home may find it stressful as they face distractions from their families, pets, and noisy neighbors. A short-term temporary office space provides the perfect on-demand solution. Colleagues and clients finding it difficult to meet over the internet can conduct business in person using flexible meeting rooms that provide functionality in a professional environment. It’s also a great way to take a break from the solitary confinement of the home office. Here, you can network with other like-minded business professionals.

Professionally serviced short-term office space rental companies supply an innovative way to do business in our modern working world. They deliver numerous benefits to entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes and types, such as those found at the prestigious Workspace by Rockefeller Group in NYC. To learn more about on-demand office space solutions, contact us today.