Small Business Social Media Marketing. Is It Right For You?

Every small business owner has either thought, or been told, that they need a social media presence. Small business social media marketing can be great, if done right. Some businesses thrive from their social media presence, and expand their business. Others think it is a waste of time or not for their demographic. Is it?

Local businesses benefit greatly from small business social media marketing. Allow fans to check-in when they visit your brick and mortar store, and you will get spontaneous images and terrific reviews. Fans will be more likely to share, and their local friends will want to visit the place all their friends were talking about.

Service based businesses also benefit from reviews. When hiring a stockbroker, lawyer, realtor, plumber or mechanic you want to get a recommendation first. The best, and most common way is to turn to social media, and that is where small business social media marketing can help you. If a fan can tag you in a comment, and their friend can visit your page to see that you look trust worthy, you will earn their business.

If your business offers a visually appealing product like food, fun activities, attractive designs, furniture, high end commercial real estate or a destination you post about specials or featured items with artistically created photographs, you can gain a lot of attention in visually based social media marketing.

If you are an ecommerce business, customers will naturally expect you to have a social media presence. They will want to pin your products to their wish list and share their orders with their friends. Not only should you have a social media presence, as part of your small business social media marketing you should also ensure that all product and category pages are easily shared.

If you are a mobile business like a food truck, street vendor or photographer that travels to new locations, you can benefit from social media. Sharing where you are for potential customers to come to you is a great use of small business social media marketing. You will have customers eager to track you down, requesting you come to them and sharing when they find you.

Regardless of your type of small business, social media is a great starting point. Small businesses can take advantage of the popularity of social media to promote themselves just like big business. Appoint someone familiar with social media to regularly update your social media networks, and when you are ready to spend money then hire a professional that is experienced with small business social media marketing. Small business marketing within your local audience will help increase your reach and eventual customer base. This is a new era; take advantage of this social method of connecting with your customers and you will see the ROI.