Staff Outsourcing Or Do It All Yourself?

It is not secret that start-up costs for a small business can be astronomical.  One of the biggest and most crucial decisions is how much staff to bring on board.  Too much staff could bankrupt the company before you ever have a chance.

Staff Outsourcing: The Expense of Staffing

When you are in the start-up phase, and uncertain of where your business is going, taking on administrative staff could be an expensive overkill.  If your business does not take off as expected, terminating a new employee is never fun. Administrative assistants, office manager, and cleaning staff may be required for your business, but cost prohibitive.  If you hold off on hiring this staff, you will find yourself doing double duty and working into the night.

Staff Outsourcing: Don’t Try to Do It All Yourself

Many times, entrepreneurs are in denial that the cost of an administrative assistant is worth it. Because they are a valuable asset, they are essential. Having an administrative assistant to do things like answer calls, take messages, and greet visitors can save you valuable time and help your business look more professional. The truth is, many entrepreneurs are willing to forgo the costs of hiring staff at the expense of their sanity and the potential growth of their business. But there is a cost effective solution that gives the start-up everything they need.

Simplify Your Small Business with a Serviced Office Space

A serviced office space, like Workspace by Rockefeller Group, is fully staffed with professionals that you can access on demand.  You might find that you are paying a small premium for this service, but you are only paying for the hours you use, don’t have to manage the staff and don’t have to worry about sick days.

Serviced office space allow you to grow your business by providing all the services associated with traditional office space.  Contact Workspace by Rockefeller Group now so you can learn more about the services that will benefit your business.