Choosing A Staffed Office Space to Rent in NYC



So you have decided that a staffed office space is a perfect fit for your business needs. The flexibility of lease terms and the ability to expand as needed make staffed office spaces especially attractive to entrepreneurs.

You know what you are looking for, but you need to know the prices and plans that are out there. Workspace by Rockefeller Group offers some of the most elegant staffed office space in New York’s most prestigious locations at affordable prices.


What Are You Getting For the Price?

When trying to find a staffed office for rent in New York, the biggest deciding factor is often the pricing. You understand that a staffed office can actually save you money over a traditional office because there is no need to furnish the office or hire maintenance, IT, administrative workers, etc. Take a tour of the facilities and sit down with a representative to get a better idea of what you will be getting for the price. You can discuss different plans and the available lengths of the lease terms.


Pick A Great Location

Your company’s address is a very important asset. Finding the right location can give you access to better opportunities to network and even bring potential clients to you. There are few things more gratifying than to bring your clients to a well appointed office at a prestigious location. A prestigious address can make a great first impression and be a valuable sales tool.

There are a few different locations in New York that are instantly recognized and synonymous with success. An address at these locations is a valuable asset. Workspace by Rockefeller Group provides furnished offices and staffed offices for rent in iconic New York locations like Fifth Avenue, Wall Street and, of course, Rockefeller Center.

Learn more about the staffed office space that Workspace by Rockefeller Group. Please visit or call 1-800-994-7422 to speak to our staff.