Starting A Podcast: When You Need To Rent Studio Space

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Many podcasters in NYC have a difficult time finding quiet space. We are known for many wonderful things here in NYC; unfortunately easily accessible quiet places are not one of them. If you are recording a podcast and want to be taken seriously, you will need to record in a quiet space free from distractions. Your best bet is to rent studio space.

Recording in a noisy room with sirens outside your window, kids in the background, pots and pans banging in the kitchen, or a fan blowing above your head will mean your podcast’s quality suffers. Using a good microphone might help to eliminate some of the surrounding sounds, but you should also rent studio space space that is quiet with minimal echoes. If you find a room closed off from the noises of the city, you may then discover it is instead comes with too many echoes or too much reverberation. Noise is distracting and makes it difficult to listen to your podcast if there is too much of it. Proper soundproofed recording studios may prove to be too expensive, and other studios will require too much of a long-term commitment for someone starting up a podcast.

Production value should not be overlooked as you attempt to start up your podcast and deliver a professional quality product. Get that good microphone, and rent studio space, even if just for a day. Day offices are an affordable, short-term option. You also want to make sure to rent studio space with fast, reliable internet. Locations like your local coffee shop may offer a couch and free Wi-Fi, but you need something more reliable for a good podcast.

You can also rent studio space with extras, like teleconferencing equipment when you have an interview over the phone, or conference rooms to impress that interview that comes to you. Day offices like this come fully furnished so you can schedule a time, show up and be ready to record.

Rent studio space that is reliable, quiet and free of distractions to record your podcast. You always want to produce the best recording free of noises that may distract listeners from what you are saying. Get your message out the right way, and listeners will keep coming back for more.