Motivation in the Face of Adversity




Running your own business offers plenty of hurdles. You didn’t get the client you wanted, weren’t as profitable as you intended, a deal fell through, or any number of other things that can set us back. These things happen. It is all but certain that there are going to be times when you are going to miss your target, hit a plateau, and face challenges that can derail you from meeting your goals and expectations. Though frustrating, challenges are inevitable and bound to happen to every business owner at some point. The determining factor that decides if you are successful or not, is your attitude. Keeping yourself hungry and motivated during difficult times is key to the growth of your business. Here are a few ways to maintain your drive even when times get tough:


Motivation Tip 1: Fix your mindset

The first step to overcoming challenges is to have the right attitude. In order to motivate yourself, you have got to ditch the self-pity and let go of the “why me attitude.” Realize that you are not the only business owner who is experiencing adversity and facing a difficult situation. The sooner you stop focusing on what went wrong, and accept that failure is part of success, the sooner you will be able to find solutions to your problem, and take action to better your circumstances.

Motivation Tip 2: Set new goals and reward yourself

After assessing your situation and understanding what the cause was, set new goals. Set daily, weekly, monthly, and annual goals, and have a detailed plan on how you plan to achieve them. The small, short term goals are just as important as the big goals, if not more. Reaching small goals during hard times, shows that progress is being made, and that work is getting done. Once meeting any goal, reward yourself.

Motivation Tip 3: Keep the focus on you

The best way to become discouraged is to compare your business’s success to that of your competitor. While it is important to monitor the field, and keep an eye on your competitor, you should be encouraged by your opponent’s success. Focusing too much energy on any business other than your own, is a waste of time that can be used to better your own business. Instead, focus on what sets you apart and what you can improve upon as a business owner.