Support Services for The Remote Worker

You Don’t Have To Do It Yourself

With so many workers fleeing their traditional office space in NYC to set up a remote workspace, there is growing concern over how they will manage the administrative workload that is no longer supported by your staff.  Also, studies have shown that a New York City presence is still recognized with an element of prestige.  So, how do you work from your suburban home office and maintain a NYC address that is supported with staff?  The answer is not as complicated as you would imagine.

Serviced workplaces, like Workspace by Rockefeller Group (Workspace by Rockefeller Group) have the infrastructure in place to offer support for the remote worker, regardless of where you are.  Here are a few ways that your day can become a little easier.

Mail ManagementMail notification services

Once you register your business with a workspace provider, like Workspace by Rockefeller Group, your mail can be sent to that business address.  With no need to have a “PO Box” in your address, you will give the impression that you do have a physical office space in NYC.  Your mail will be collected and held for you.  Forwarding of the mail can be arranged to your home office, or any other location you desire.  The mail can even be directed to specific team members, across multiple locations. Whatever you receive can be sent out via messenger, USPS or FedEx.  Arranging to have mail scanning of the envelopes or contents is possible too.  Learn more about how support for the remote worker can benefit you with a mail management team in NYC.

Telephone ServicesTelephone services that offer support to the Remote Worker

Having an operator answer your calls elevates your business to a new level of professionalism.  There is no need to take your calls directly when you can have someone answer the call or even screen it for you.  The phone will be answered with whatever greeting you choose.  Not only will this service increase your professionalism, but you will decrease the number of SPAM calls that slow you down.   Not only will your calls be transferred to whatever number you give, but you will also have a 212 area coded number associated to your business.  Click here for a full list of telephone services.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms that offer support for the remote worker

With your team working remotely, it is still important to get together for some collaboration meetings.  There is no need to gather at someone’s house when you have access to meeting rooms in a professional work environment.  With hourly rates, you can keep costs to a minimum.  With a support staff on hand, catering can be arranged, access to business equipment is readily available and breakout rooms can be on hand.

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