Telephone Systems 2.0

Business Telephone 2.0

It didn’t take long for a text or an instant message to become an acceptable form of communication. Just the same, a static filled phone call from a cell phone is now commonplace. Both methods are fast, convenient and are not intrusive. But there comes a time when a proper telephone call is the most professional way to speak with a colleague or client.
If you work from a home office, what is the best option? With a modern day VoIP phone system, you can get a phone setup and connected to work on your home Internet connection. Not only will this allow you a full array of phone services, but it will also provide you with any area code you desire. Executive workplaces like Workspace by Rockefeller Group can set up a phone for you with a 212 area code, giving anyone the impression that you are in a professional office space. Services such as call answering by a live operator, call screening and a voicemail platform that can email your voicemails to you, are all available with a simple connection.


A Telephone That Can Provide a Work-Life Balance

Most importantly, a business phone number in your home office can give you privacy and separation from your business and personal life. A VoIP telephone system can be transferred to a cell phone during business hours. Then, at the end of the day, you can terminate that forwarding so that you are not interrupted during your personal time.
For more information on how to efficiently set up a professional telephone system, call Workspace by Rockefeller Group to discuss the best option for you. Contact us anytime.